Common International News Topics

Keeping up with the news is something a lot of people do. They do this in order to know what is going on around their community, nation, and the greater world at large. However, as much as it might seem like every day has a different headline, the truth is that the world simply does not change that much from day to day, or sometimes even year to year.

In fact, when you look at what constitutes global news over any period of time, you’ll soon find out that there are common international news topics that routinely occur from time to time. A lot of these actually break down by region.

Take the Middle East for example. While any given day might feature a different country in question dominating the immediate headlines, the region as a whole has central themes to its stories. The so called “Arab Spring” has resulted in a few regime changes, but economic depravity, religious fundamentalism and strife, as well as all out terrorism continue to plague the area.

North of this is Russia, who for all its democratic reforms at the end of the last century is slipping into more imperialistic and totalitarian ways. Over the last fifteen years, Russia has flexed its military might outside its nominal borders in the former republic of Georgia, Ukraine, the Crimean peninsula, and most recently in Syria in the Middle East.

The South China Sea is another common international news topic. While very few days or events here wind up garnering the attention of the average citizen, China’s military buildup and expansion of influence has been going on for many years.

The future is never accurately predictable, but many things in international matters are just a matter of time, and only surprises in when they show up, not that they show up. Keep an eye on international headlines long enough, and you’ll see common international news topics popping up again and again.

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